Community Groups

Enjoyable Senior Group Bus Charters in Brisbane

Unlike so many of our competitors that simply focus on transport, we prefer to bring a little more to the table – and we do so by taking full advantage of our touring background.

Not only have we hosted some of the most enjoyable tours and minibus charters Brisbane has to offer, but we are also dedicated to looking after the wants and needs of our senior customers, too.

If you’re keen to enjoy a pre-organised trip, if you have a special event planned, or for those that would like to explore all that Brisbane has to offer, we’re proud to offer a dedicated service tailored to suit seniors.

This service includes:

  • Free morning tea for all first time bookers
  • A dedicated mini bus charter Brisbane wide
  • Walking groups and excursions
  • Private tours
  • Camps and extended touring
  • Special events
  • Half day tours
  • Optional tea and lunch

Custom Tour Bus Charters in and Around Brisbane

At Brisbane 360, we enjoy nothing more than looking after the needs of our customers – and if you have found yourself in need of a reliable, effective transportation service, look no further.

With a range of customizable options at your disposal, our team could help you to enjoy an iconic trip aboard a luxury vehicle and in a way that suits your exact requirements and preferences. Our drivers are also qualified guides and can take you on a trip across Brisbane, or show you around some of the most appealing sights that the region has to offer. We’re particularly experts on  Stradbroke Island and have close connections with local indigenous elders and guides. We also do wine tours on Mt. Tamborine.


We’d be happy to help with:

  • Private and customised tours
  • Trips for educational purposes
  • Nature spotting
  • Multi-day camping trips
  • Excursions and expeditions
  • Special events including weddings, parties and more