Study Tours

Working With Youto Meet Your Needs

At Brisbane 360, we understand more than most that an effective transport service will need to cater to a range of customers from a variety of backgrounds – and that’s why we’ve carefully developed our Study Tours solutions with your reassurance in mind.

Roughly 80% of our tours and Brisbane bus charter services will have international passengers on board. In fact, it’s because of this level of demand that we’ve modified our services in a way that makes our transportation options ideal for educational needs, foreign students and teachers.

We Have a Dedicated International Education Department

We regularly collaborate with a variety of schools, colleges, educational institutes and university campuses, including:

  • Private educational agencies
  • International language schools
  • Education Queensland International (EQI)
  • Several universities in and around Brisbane (preferred by UQ International and Griffith International)
  • Multiple campuses, colleges and institutes

Not only are our drivers some of the most approachable in the business – they are highly trained, qualified and licensed experts who are able to cater to a range of needs and expectations.