Senior Activities All Around Brisbane

Many people think that once you retire and your kids have left home, there’s not much left to life anymore. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Age is just a number. Life still has so much to offer and the best thing is, now you have time to explore it all!

Brisbane is proud to offer a host of activities designed for the senior community to help you feel involved, to help your cognitive skills and mental health, and to help you enjoy the rest of your vibrant life.

1. Play Mahjong at Mitchelton Library

Mahjong is a Chinese game of strategy with a bit of chance. It’s the perfect game where you just sit but your brain is working and you have fun trash talking with your peers all in good nature. There’s a game hosted every Saturday from 10AM at the Mitchelton Library and new players are always welcome.

2. Exercise at Tavernetta Function Centre

Aching muscles come with age but with frequent exercise, you’ll feel like you’re still at your prime. If you’re not into anything too strenuous or heavy, Zumba Gold is a milder alternative to the energetic original but still gets the job done. Plus it’s fun! Do your body a favor and get it swinging to the beat every week at the Tavernetta Function Centre.

3. Knit for a cause at Mitchelton Library

Are you a knitting enthusiast? The Purlers is a group of knitters who donate their creations to charity. Join them at 1PM every Thursday at the Mitchelton Library. It’s a great way to get those hands busy and gossip and laugh with friends, all for a cause!

4. Read a book at Hamilton Library

Reading is a great way to keep your cognition sharp. And what makes reading more fun than to discuss the book together with a group after. Hamilton Library hosts the Hamilton Happy Readers every third Wednesday of every month from 1:30PM-2:30PM.

5. Write at Kenmore Library

Was writing something you always wanted to do when you were younger but you took a different path instead? Now can be the time to return to that dream! Budding writers can join the Kenmore Writing Group at the Kenmore Library and hone their skills every third Tuesday of every month.

Brisbane 360 offers mini-bus charters for senior groups in and around Brisbane. Our service includes private tours, special events, walking groups, and more. We prioritise your comfort and needs above all else.

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